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A freshly painted flagpole with new flag ....

....and the refurbishing of the 1916 WWI Navy
anti-aircraft gun on the Stone Memorial Bldg. lawn. (Veterans Day 2007)






Weare Historical Society supports work on these buildings, all of which are on either the National or State Register of Historic Places: Stone Memorial Building, Clinton Grove Academy, Weare Town Hall, Paige Memorial Library currently called the Weare Public Library. The Society also supports work on the Horse Shed, tramp House, and Osborne Hall.

Clinton Grove Academy

Clinton Grove Academy Bell Tower Refurbished

Weare Town Hall

Paige Library Old

Paige Library Addition

Stone Memorial Building

The old stumps and brush were removed in the triangle at Clinton Grove and replaced with three Elm Trees donated by the Weare Historical Society

In 2005, the Society hired Dave Hewey to re-roof the tramp house. In 2007, he replaced and painted the clapboards and trim.

Tramp House, circa 1900



Betty Straw at location of first Town Hall

Beautification for the 250th celebration
Planting daffodils bulbs at Center Woods School.
Students and staff planted 700 daffodil bulbs in the fall of 2011 stop and see the flowers in April. Additional bulb and wild flowers have been planted on Rt. 77(Sugar Hill South and near Sherwood Forest Rd. , Rt. 114 by the Welcome to Weare sign, Clinton Grove , intersection of Rt. 77 and 114 in North Weare, Stone Memorial Lawn, Rt. 149, Bolton Field and the Weare Town Office.

The Tea Party - Sponsored by the 250th committee
All profits to support the 250th Celebration in 2014

At our holiday program with Weare Public Library (Dec. 2007) family activities were enjoyed by all: Diane Kordas's puppet show, crafts, storytelling, caroling, tree lighting, and lots of goodies to eat.

Heleen Kurk helps at the crafts table
Joanne Shields at the
refreshment table

Heidi Little reads a holiday adventure
to the children

Christmas Program Puppet Show

Christmas Program Craft table
The Christmas party is sponsored
by the Weare Historical Society and the Library.

Our sister organization, the South Weare Improvement Society is renovating Osborne Hall, one of Weare's historic buildings.

Rad Betts gives Osborne Hall a facelift

Bingo: Fund-raiser for Osborne Hall

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